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I have been working with eCommerce projects as a developer, architect, scrum master and project manager since 2012. These days I'm also leading an eCommerce team of 20. I enjoy all kinds of technical work and my role as a manager and leader isn't keeping me away from those beautiful command line screens. Team dynamics and atmosphere are very important to me and I feel most comfortable in a close-knit team where the members genuinely enjoy working with each other.


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  • Ahola-Olli Juha
  • Anna Kuivalainen
  • Antti Sillanpää
  • Antti Vartio
  • Ari Wacklin
  • Atte Alisalo
  • Eero Haavisto
  • Eliisa Häkkinen
  • Elina Smedberg
  • Fabiana Delgado Suurnäkki

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