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Managing Solteq's Store solution business which consists of POS and Store solutions software to help our customers run the modern integrated and digitalized retail business. Our customers consists of a very wide range of retail sector businesses along with HoReCa. Also within the unit's portfolio we have Solteq's integrated Smart Retail products such as ESL (Electronic Self Labels), DS (Digital Signage), WooCommerce for webshops and many others to fulfill all the commerce needs end to end.

Before this in my history worked many years as project manager for delivering large POS and ERP projects to many customers. Then later as a Head of Delivery within Solteq's ERP and LS Retail business to ensure successful deliveries with my great team of project managers, consultants and developers through out Nordics.

And before that years of experience in coding, architectural design and implementation of field service and logistic controlling systems. That experience fulfilled with experience in coding, architectural design and implementation of a project control and management system, delivery and design of a Point Of Sales systems, Java FullStack systems, IDM/IAM SOA services (Java), Sharepoint and ERP solutions as well as experience in delivering technical training in the area of telecommunications. Competence to work as a project manager has been gained from Fujitsu’s Project Manager Academy (see chapter Achievements) and following project deliveries.

These combined have created strong and broad business, technical and design background to liaise with various teams in order to guide the sales&projects&teams to the finish line.



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