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Hyper connected world (IoE) where people, processes, things and data interact seamlessly is just behind the corner. Mobile, location and context aware services which combines AR, IoT and many independent data sources are the next killer apps. For better decisions, in every interaction, systems and parties should have available suitable information about each other (profile, history, sentiment, habits, network, intends…), context and boundary conditions. How to extract this information from various and diverse data sources ingeniously and tirelessly? In hyper connected world volume and velocity of data will grow exponentially. How can we extract insight and react to important events quick enough? IoE + realtime holistic view to your customers, prospects, competitors, omni-channel interactions, business, marketing & sales is Smarter Business.

I'm interested in at the moment what it takes to build #data driven organisations. 

Key Skills
• Integration Architectures & Patterns
• Integration Governance & Competence Centers
• SOA, WOA and EAI
• Web API management and Secure External Integrations


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