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Minna Ruusuvuori

Minna Ruusuvuori

Marketing & Sales Director, Solteq Digital – Myynti

In  my role as a Marketing and Sales director in Solteq I have two professional hats; to lead marketing in Solteq Digital and sales in Solteq Digital Commerce area.

I am a business executive with 20 years of experience of demanding sales, customer management and marketing positions, mostly in technology & software business. I believe in strength of value based sales built on good understanding of customers business.

Customer experience is a matter close to my heart and I am CX advocate in B2B where, in my opinion, customer centric thinking is yet taking it's first steps. It is fascinating how good experience is made possible in complex B2B environment, how it constructs and how people effect on it, as leaders and as employees.

I truly believe that key to success in business is to work with the right, talented people. I also believe balanced managing with heart and head.

My motto: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.


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